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Take the first step towards transforming you staircase today. All of our quotations are given freely with no obligation to buy. In most cases we quote you without the‍‍‍ need for an initial site visit. Just send us photos of your current staircase along with a description of the works you would like and we will do the rest. PLEASE remember to include a picture of your current banister along with the staircase
We know it can be frustrating waiting for a builder to give you a quote. So we have set up these online forms to speed up the process. Let your camera be our eyes and we will use this information to get you a  fast and accurate quotation. In most cases photos provided by clients are more than sufficient, however sometimes there is more than meets the eye and we may request to arrange a home visit.

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You can have your dream staircase without the fuss of removing your existing one. In most cases your existing staircase is the foundation for your dream staircase. If it is structurally sound then its ready to be renovated - even if its not, dont threat as we may be able to make repairs

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